Events that Fill Our Eyes with Colour and Our Ears with Sounds

Come and get to know the main traditions and events of Lisbon!

Events That Fill Our Eyes With Colour And Our Ears With Sounds

If you are planning to come to Lisbon in June, you wouldn’t want to miss the festivities! Or even better, come on this time of the year, and we assure you that you won’t regret it! The festivals of the city dedicated to the popular saints, colourful and crowded religious manifestations like the processions and other festivities, are fundamental to experience the city.

But Lisbon is an excellent choice all year round!

We can find classical music, fado, jazz concerts or music festivals that attract thousands of young people. As well as fashion events, film festivals, theatre plays, multimedia shows and many more that fill the cultural programme, all year round. You can also feel the amazing nightlife, one of the most lively and animated in Europe.

Plus, the fairs that enliven the gardens, squares and streets, bring us books, urban handicrafts, souvenirs, collectables or perhaps a unique surprise.

But there are also some less publicised events that deserve to be mentioned, to complete the panoply of choice.

Therefore, if you want to fill your eyes with colour and your ears with sounds that move you, you cannot miss these appeals to the senses.

June 3, 2020 getLISBON

The Procession of Our Lady of Health is a centuries-old tradition in gratitude for the end of a terrible plague that devastated Lisbon in the 16th century.This year, 2020, we’d be celebrating 450 years of its existence, but it was curiously cancelled due to the global pandemic.Every May, Mouraria is…

June 5, 2019 getLISBON

In this article we bring you the Procession of Saint Anthony of Lisbon, a demonstration of popular faith with one peculiarity. It is said that the Lisbon beloved saint leaves alone and returns accompanied. Find out why!The number of participants and curious people that in the afternoon of June 13…

May 22, 2019 getLISBON

The first days of intense heat with cold wind or showers in between, as well as the streets replete with the lilac jacaranda, remind us that the Lisbon Book Fair is just around the corner.This is an event that is always on the locals’ agenda and that precedes the Lisbon…

May 15, 2019 getLISBON

Today we invite you to visit the Feira da Ladra, the oldest Lisbon’s Flea Market that takes place every Tuesday and Saturday early in the morning until early afternoon in Campo de Santa Clara.It might be hard to find real gems at Lisbon’s Flea Market but there’s always a reason…

May 1, 2019 getLISBON 2Comment

The International Festival of the Iberian Mask in Lisbon takes place every May since 2006 and is one of the traditions that precedes the Lisbon Festivities that take place in the following month.This festival was held in the streets of the Pombaline Downtown with masked groups from Portugal and Spain….