Gastronomy: Lisbon, a Great Destination for Foodies

Portugal is unanimously considered a country of a good and varied gastronomy. From North to South, we can find different culinary traditions that, in common, share the creativity and the richness of flavours.

Gastronomy: Lisbon, a Great Destination for Foodies

Lisbon is no exception!

We can safely say that in every corner of Lisbon, you can enjoy a quality meal. Today, restaurants offer variety and fit all kinds of tastes and budgets, from a quick meal to a traditional restaurant or to the most exquisite gourmet. To go with it, we suggest a good Portuguese wine or an imperial (designation of draught beer commonly used in Lisbon) ice cold.

When speaking of Portuguese gastronomy, we cannot forget its confectionery and its savoury appetizers. We are fortunate that Lisbon is abundant in traditional and secular sweets that awaken our senses. And also in the various and delicious savoury appetizers that make our mouth water, especially when we’re craving a snack during a walk or visit.

But the real question is: what are the actual gastronomic protagonists of the city?

Our aim is to find the answer to this questions, highlighting the truly traditional flavours and aromas.

We cannot forget that Lisbon is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, making it inevitable to find the best of international cuisine.

Come discover this gastronomic Lisbon here in getLISBON.

February 13, 2018 getLISBON

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