History and Stories of Lisbon

Getting to know a city goes way beyond visiting its most emblematic or in vogue locals. Behind its history are hidden interesting episodes that deserve to be known. And, through its stories, we discover specificities and singular events that help us have a better understanding of Lisbon.

History and Stories of Lisbon

There are many ways to find both the history and the stories.

Searching the archives, appealing to the memory of those who have stories to tell us, finding in the toponymy of the city curious aspects, having a long and attentive gaze, among others.

But we will also lead our readers to travel through dramatic, triumphant, unusual or even liberating events that are part of the character of this magnificent city and of its people.

We suggest you read our article History of Lisbon: A Glimpse Through Thousands of Years that gives you an overview of the main events that have occurred in this city, throughout the ages.

May 8, 2019 getLISBON

In the aftermath of the tragedy that recently destroyed part of the emblematic Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, a reflection on the restoration and reconstruction of the artistic heritage is necessary.Other questions are raised, such as the investigation of the source of the accident that occurred during the restoration works, simply so that similar situations can be prevented. Faced with a situation that seems unacceptable at first sight, we ask ourselves to what extent the security of our patrimony is properly preserved.It seems obvious to us that no matter how good the prevention measures are, the unthinkable can always happen.After tracking…

November 7, 2018 getLISBON

We know that the oldest neighbourhood of Lisbon is Alfama, but the heart of the city is indisputably the Pombaline Downtown. This and its surrounding area is the place of choice of the visitors, an open air shopping centre for the locals and the meeting point for everyone. But these rigorously drawn streets are the result of an enormous catastrophe. If it weren’t for the devastation caused by the violent earthquake of 1755, this place would surely be different. Saying Lisbon before and post-earthquake is the same as saying Lisbon before and post-Pombal. The earthquake brought with it, in a…

October 31, 2018 getLISBON

Today when we talk about Lisbon the idea of a fabulous city arises immediately, but there was a tragic episode that deeply marked it, the earthquake of 1755. Everyone knows the date of 1st November, mark of a collective trauma that still overshadows the population, adding to its character the sensation of inevitability, resignation, destiny, fado… The degree of destruction was such that it became an impetus for civilisational advances with no way back. In addition to a city exists a society, before and post-earthquake. This phenomenon shook the rich and the poor across the board. It destroyed hovels, palaces…

September 19, 2018 getLISBON

The extinction of the Religious Orders in 1834 was one of the significant episodes in the History of Portugal and consequently in the History of Lisbon. A determining factor in the destiny of the cultural and patrimonial panorama, over the 19th and 20th century. Many of our posts mention this event and this article in particular helps the reader to have a better understanding of its impact. The beginning of the 19th century was marked by a long and bloody civil war (1828-1834) that, with the victory of the liberal faction, was followed by a period of profound restructure in the…

January 26, 2018 getLISBON

By giving our readers some insight into the history of Lisbon, we intend to contribute to a better understanding of its culture and people. This city of great vitality and multiculturalism, despite all the adversities through times, it has always been able to be reborn from the ashes, keeping its peculiarities and traditions. In the Early Days We start off with the intriguing information that geology shows us. Did you know that the region of Lisbon crossed a period of tropical climate in which a reef abundant in marine life was developed? After millions of years and with the change…