History and Stories of Lisbon

Getting to know a city goes way beyond visiting its most emblematic or in vogue locals. Behind its history are hidden interesting episodes that deserve to be known. And, through its stories, we discover specificities and singular events that help us have a better understanding of Lisbon.

History and Stories of Lisbon

There are many ways to find both the history and the stories.

Searching the archives, appealing to the memory of those who have stories to tell us, finding in the toponymy of the city curious aspects, having a long and attentive gaze, among others.

But we will also lead our readers to travel through dramatic, triumphant, unusual or even liberating events that are part of the character of this magnificent city and of its people.

We suggest you read our article History of Lisbon: A Glimpse Through Thousands of Years that gives you an overview of the main events that have occurred in this city, throughout the ages.

January 23, 2018 getLISBON

We have defined as the purpose of our project getLISBON, the discovery and disclosure of peculiar aspects of Lisbon. But what these peculiar aspects have to do with the Chronology of the Kings of Portugal? Well, because we believe that by making the city of Lisbon known to our readers, a little of its history will help them to understand their culture and its people. In addition, behind the history of a city, there are certainly interesting episodes that deserve to be known. Therefore, by talking about episodes of the history of Lisbon, it is inevitable to mention the History…