Personalities That Make Lisbon Unique

All cities are a set of many things: landscapes, streets, shops, monuments, among many others. But have you imagined how cities would be without their people? Who’s going to build it? Who makes it so unique? In this category we will give protagonism to personalities that contribute to the singularity of this city.

Personalities That Make Lisbon Unique

Throughout the ages, there are remarkable men and women who stand out by their works, and social groups that mark an era, for their peculiarities.

All different in their activity, in their expression, but they all have a common element, the city of Lisbon. Whether it’s because they were born in it, or because they developed their work here, or because the city is the privileged theme of their art.

Their legacies left us writings, poetry, paintings, songs, victories, experiences or even prayers. With these personalities we identify ourselves as a people, with them we take the name of Lisbon beyond borders.

From them, the identity of the people of Lisbon is built and with them, Lisbon is taken beyond frontiers.

Therefore, whether they are from Lisbon or not, they are personalities who, in one way or another, have let themselves be involved by this magical city and deserve to be highlighted.

July 28, 2021 getLISBON

It was at Casa da Cultura de Sacavém that urban artist MOAMI told us about her journey, her art and also her mural created for Loures Arte Pública 2021 (public art festival), which has been revealed to be particularly inspiring. Over time, we’ve been lucky with the people we come…

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Today we bring you the urban artist SMILE, one of the most important Portuguese names in this art form. We had the privilege of getting to know Ivo Santos in a fun conversation where he talked about himself, his work and inspiration. In addition to sharing his journey, we’ll also…

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Have you taken an attentive look at the tiled panoramas of Lisbon that are in four viewpoints of the city? If not, it’s time to break your routine and visit these places where the panels have been for nearly 60 years, indicating the interest points that can be seen from…

November 25, 2020 getLISBON

The writer Eça de Queiroz is unarguably, one of the most relevant Portuguese writers of all times. On the day he would turn 175 years old, we want to remember him, recalling his relationship with Lisbon. The novelist, characterised by originality, richness of style and language, great realistic descriptive power,…

October 28, 2020 getLISBON

Tracing Amália Rodrigues in Lisbon reveals to you marks of the Portuguese artist, perhaps the one with the most important legacy of the history of popular music in Portugal in the 20th century. Her artistic contribution was determinant for the development and internationalization of fado and she’s considered by many…