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When thinking about the urban art of Entrecampos Station you probably immediately picture in your mind the art intervention on the outside of the station. But did you know that there’s another one inside?

Lisbon has been a top choice destination for the graffiters from all over the world, having already countless quality works spread across the entire city.

However, to attain this, it took years of tackling illegal graffiti and tags and, simultaneously, the promotion of urban art, which has had an important role in society at different levels.

These are the cases of projects that were determinant of the innovation of social housing neighbourhoods, among them:

On the other hand, we’ve had actions that call attention to the importance of a specific theme or that simply aim to improve a public space.

Since 2009 that Lisbon has developed a strategy to promote urban art through the fundamental action of GAU – Urban Art Gallery of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the City Council. Not only that, but also for the safeguard of the patrimony from vandal acts that unfortunately continue to create significant visual pollution.

The projects of urban art of Entrecampos station in the zone of Avenidas Novas were executed by Portuguese female artists and had as a primary goal the requalification of the accesses to the train station.

The Urban Art of Entrecampos Station: project “Passagem das Horas”, situated in the pedestrian underpass on the west side of Entrecampos Station by  ngela Menezes.
Project “Passagem das Horas” by Ângela Menezes

The Two Projects of Urban Art of Entrecampos Station

Entrecampos Station was vandalised by unauthorised graffiti, thus looking careless and decadent. With the aim of providing the population with a requalified space, IP – Infraestruturas de Portugal (public company responsible for the road and rail infrastructure) opted to do this with two new urban art interventions, in two distinct moments in time.

“Passagem das Horas”

Situated in the pedestrian underpass on the west side, this urban art project of Entrecampos Station was executed in 2017 by Ângela Menezes.

This art piece is based on a previous piece by the artist from 2013 and that features 111 figures of railway workers, passengers and locals.

With time, this first mural was covered with illegal graffiti. Thus, IP took the initiative to requalify this space by inviting Ângela Menezes for a new art intervention.

On the central panel, on the vandalised mural, the artist negative painted the phrase “Viajei por mais terras do que aquelas em que toquei” (I’ve travelled to more places than those I’ve touched) from the poem “Passagem das horas” by Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa. On the remaining walls there are other excerpts of poems of the same author.

On the central panel, on the vandalised mural, the artist negative painted the phrase “Viajei por mais terras do que aquelas em que toquei” (I’ve travelled to more places than those I’ve touched) from the poem “Passagem das horas” by Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa.
Project “Passagem das Horas” by Ângela Menezes

The result was very interesting, as it allowed to preserve the memory of the overlapping marks, even of those that covered the original work, and at the same time allowed to promote the Portuguese literature.

However, unfortunately, this new initiative that showed the authentic meaning of the value of art, wasn’t spared from vandal acts, hindering the full appreciation of this work by the public.

“A Lata Delas”

The second exemplar of urban art of Entrecampos Station resulted from a partnership between IP and GAU and was executed on the outside access of the station in Álvaro Pais Avenue. It is dated February 2019 and is called “A Lata Delas”.

For its realisation were invited four Portuguese female painters: Maria Imaginário, Margarida Fleming, Patrícia Mariano and Tamara Alves. Instead of a collective piece, they decided to each express herself in her own style, exploring individual languages.

Maria Imaginário

Maria Imaginário

Maria Imaginário

Margarida Fleming

Margarida Fleming

Margarida Fleming

Patrícia Mariano

Patrícia Mariano

Patrícia Mariano

Tamara Alves

Tamara Alves

Tamara Alves

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This way they transformed an area of over 300 square metres, using the corridor that gives access to the station. As the public goes through the corridor, they’re able to appreciate the art pieces as if they were paintings exhibited in an art gallery.

Many of the paintings represent female figures and faces, which goes hand in hand with another objective of this project: paying homage and giving visibility to female artists of urban art that are still very few.

The project getLISBON has been very rewarding and we want to continue revealing the singularities of fascinating Lisbon.

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