Lisboa ao amanhecer, Parque das Nações.

Lisbon in Time Lapse by getLISBON: Behind-the-Scenes

To mark the launch of this project, we decided to sketch a portrait of Lisbon through images. We aim to show our readers the so dynamic, unique and cheerful as well as traditional, diverse and nostalgic Lisbon. The result was Lisbon in Time Lapse by getLISBON.

Recently, Lisbon has been in vogue, has received countless prizes and is a destination referenced by the most prestigious newspapers and magazines and by international organisations linked to tourism. The city is being cherished by tourists from all over the world. It is known for its pleasant weather, tasty gastronomy, endless points of cultural interest, tradition and of course, the hospitality and sympathy of its people.

However, we do believe that sometimes, less-known spots can enrich your experience and help create deeper memories. We believe that guiding the curious is a way of valuing our heritage and our beautiful city.

Behind-the-Scenes of Lisbon in Time Lapse

We chose emblematic places, as these are the ones that represent Lisbon to the majority of people that have visited us and that are planning to get to know the capital of Portugal.

We registered the movement of the funiculars that were once fundamental to the circulation of people and goods in this city of the Seven Hills, due to its uneven terrain. Today, these vivid yellow funiculars represent the fusion of the modern with the historic, unmissable for a typical walk or for a photo.

Lisbon in Time Lapse: Bica Funicular
Bica Funicular

We crossed the city from East to West, without forgetting of contemplating the South bank, and from there, gazing at Lisbon, celebrating the special relationship between the Tagus River and the two banks.

Discover Lisbon’s historical waterfront in the sunset hours by sailboat. Find out more here.

However, we’ve introduced details that will surely surprise you. It’s through the particularities of Lisbon that this project aims to mark its difference. Roaming, combing, searching, talking, registering are some of the ways we’ve gathered interesting information to share with you.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention that every scene of this video was made with enthusiasm and delight. Nevertheless, we chose the capture of the images of the Estrela Garden as the most fun and unexpected. We were surprised by a group of tourists riding bikes, followed by a second… and a third. The scene turned out to be much more dynamic and fun.

We hope you like it!

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The project getLISBON has been very rewarding and we want to continue revealing the singularities of fascinating Lisbon.
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