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About us


Sharing the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon is what excites us the most in this project that was born in 2017.

We develop knowledge about the material and immaterial cultural heritage of Lisbon, which we share on our website.

Support us and help us grow!

getLISBON differentiates itself, offering comprehensive content with a great focus on the most unknown and peculiar aspects.

Our target is the reader who seeks to know the origins, history, curious facts and original and unknown observations that the city provides.

Thus, we are guided by creative, appealing, accessible and, at the same time, rigorous and trustworthy content.

Our aim is to:

  • Constitute ourselves, effectively, as an active agent in the cultural promotion and enhancement of Lisbon’s heritage;
  • Contribute to the construction of future memory, leaving a testimony of today’s Lisbon;
  • Make known, internationally, of the wealth of this city, with the publication of articles also in English.

On our website you can find articles in several different categories:

Discovering and promoting the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon is our proposal. The traditional itineraries elect the best, the monumental, and the touristic. However, we suggest you observe what is close to you, that goes unnoticed at first glance, and that will enrich your experience.

History and Stories of Lisbon – Getting to know a city goes way beyond visiting its most emblematic or in vogue locals. Behind its history are hidden interesting episodes that deserve to be known. And, through its stories, we discover specificities and singular events that help us have a better understanding of Lisbon.

Tagus River, Object of Contemplation and Amazement – From time immemorial that the Tagus River and the city of Lisbon maintain an economic and affective relationship. On the one hand, the river is responsible for the settlement of peoples and for development of the city; on the other hand, it is the city and its inhabitants that give it fame and importance, by considering it an object of contemplation and amazement.

Personalities That Make Lisbon Unique – All cities are a set of many things: landscapes, streets, shops, monuments, among many others. But have you imagined how cities would be without their people? In this category we will give protagonism to personalities that contribute to the singularity of this city.

Events that Fill Our Eyes with Colour and Our Ears with Sounds – Come and get to know the main traditions and events of Lisbon!

Gastronomy: Lisbon, a Great Destination for Foodies- Portugal is unanimously considered a country of a good and varied gastronomy. Lisbon is no exception!

Shopping: a Different Way of Getting to Know Lisbon – Have you ever thought that, by going shopping, walking around appreciating the façades of the shops and the products they have to offer, it is a different way of getting to know a city?

We have recently created two new series, of a different nature, which greatly enrich the content of our website:

Lisbon in Us – a space for first-person stories, where the common denominator is the city and its human heritage. The way we live it, how we see it, the importance we give to it, the unusual stories, the memories, the feelings…

getLISBON invites – came about as a result of the idea of ​​turning our cultural project into a broader space for sharing knowledge. Here, authors from different areas are challenged to publish their work, always with the city of Lisbon as the main topic.


All this effort and knowledge sharing is meaningless without our readers. Be part of this project by contributing with your opinions here! 🙂

We are…

Gracinda e Teresa - Two Friends, One Project

We’re two old friends, Gracinda Gomes and Teresa Mouro, who met in Lisbon in the 80s, during our Graphic Design education. After over 30 years we returned to the same place to celebrate our friendship and our project, getLISBON (started in 2018).

We’re two old friends, Gracinda Gomes and Teresa Mouro, who met in Lisbon in the 80s, during our Graphic Design education.

At that time, in order to capture some images for the photography course, we decided to venture into Alfama. We were looking for picturesque corners and unique details.

We were far from imagining what the future held for us…

From then, life gave us many experiences and learning opportunities, such as Image and Communication (Gracinda) and History of Art (Teresa).

After over 30 years we returned to the same place to celebrate our friendship and our project, getLISBON (started in 2018).

Here we share our passions with you, including unusual, curious and meaningful details about this storytelling city that has fascinated us for so long.

Join us on this adventure!

P.S.: Thank you to our friend Isaura and our guest of Lisbon in Us, Ryoko Inamura, who took the pictures in 1987 and 2021, respectively. 🙂


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