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Sharing with you the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon, without neglecting its landmarks, is what excites us the most in this project that was born in 2017.

getLISBON stands out by offering a comprehensive, complete, and rigorous approach that appeals to the common reader who wants to know more.

To ensure accuracy and quality, many hours of research, investigation, reading, contacts with public and private entities, as well as participation in events and cultural activities organized by various institutions are indispensable.

Alongside the exhaustive work with written content, the illustrative and graphic aspect is also under our responsibility. All photos and videos are created by us, occasionally relying on images from other institutions or contributors.
The project is promoted through newsletters and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), which we update daily with visual material.

We have been developing our work with dedication, rigor, and enthusiasm. The entire project was conceived, executed, and maintained by us entirely altruistically. We count only on the valuable help of Raquel Santos, who, from day one and voluntarily, performs the translations; and with symbolic support, in 2021 and 2023, from the Lisbon City Council, which we are proud of and encourages us for the recognition of the quality it imparts.

August 2023 marked a turning point for the getLISBON project. We launched our first physical publication, the book of bookmarks LISBOA MARCA, through a successful crowdfunding campaign. The entire process, from: conceptualizing the content format; writing the texts; graphic design and layout; contacting artists; preparing the entire crowdfunding campaign and promoting it on social media; and many other aspects, was entirely developed by the two members of the team.

Your donation can help us grow and develop other ideas. Thank you!

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