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We have defined as the purpose of our project getLISBON, the discovery and disclosure of peculiar aspects of Lisbon. But what these peculiar aspects have to do with the Chronology of the Kings of Portugal?

Well, because we believe that by making the city of Lisbon known to our readers, a little of its history will help them to understand their culture and its people. In addition, behind the history of a city, there are certainly interesting episodes that deserve to be known.

Therefore, by talking about episodes of the history of Lisbon, it is inevitable to mention the History of Portugal and the Chronology of the Kings facilitates our readers to situate themselves in the various eras in a sequential logic.

We provide you at the end of this post, the document in PDF format, so you can save it for future reference.

Chronology of the Kings of Portugal

Chronology of the Kings of Portugal – PDF

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