Discovering the Uniqueness of Lisbon’s Heritage

Discovering and promoting the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon is our proposal. The traditional itineraries elect the best, the monumental, and the touristic. However, we suggest you to observe what is close to you, that goes unnoticed at first glance, and that will enrich your experience.

Portuguese tilework

Have you visited the Basilica of Estrela? Excellent choice but…did you notice that one of the paintings on the side altars differs in quality? Why’s that? And when you left did you notice the Calçada Portuguesa (traditional Portuguese limestone pavement) on the sidewalk that surrounds the garden? We bet not!

It’s these and other unique curiosities that we want to draw your attention to. The monuments contain secrets, stories, and unusual details. Around you, there are 1001 reasons to remain attentive and dazzled.

We’ve developed this work, dedicating it to the most interested national or foreign tourists, and also to the inhabitants of the city of Lisbon, often unaware of the hidden treasures around them.

getLISBON believes that guiding the most curious eyes is a way to value our heritage and our beautiful city.

October 2, 2019 getLISBON

The Art Nouveau Tiles of J. Pinto are some of the best exemplars of this art movement that we can still find in Lisbon and that is worth preserving.The painter conjugates the international art tendencies of his time with the Portuguese tradition, but always revealing care for the purpose and architectural grammar of the equipment.A true graphic designer from the early 1900s that we want you to know more about. The Versatile Painter J. Pinto Although he comes from Cacilhas in the South Bank of Tagus River, José António Jorge Pinto was born on September 20, 1875, in the parish…

September 18, 2019 getLISBON

Today we bring to you the project “Às 5, no Mercado”, an intervention of urban art of Chão do Loureiro car park.The region of Lisbon is replete with street art. In addition to the open-air galleries of the social housing neighbourhoods that getLISBON has had the opportunity of sharing: Urban Art Gallery of the Quinta do MochoThe Urban Art of Bairro Padre Cruz in Lisbon we can also observe works of this art form all across the city, including in the historic centre. The Chão do Loureiro Car Park Inaugurated in 2011, this park is located near São Jorge Castle….

July 17, 2019 getLISBON

In order to tell you about the fountain-drinking troughs of Sociedade Protectora dos Animais (an animal welfare organisation) we must first talk about the person whose name has been given to one of the most beautiful streets of Lisbon.Júlio de Andrade wasn’t just an important member of the upper bourgeoisie of Lisbon of the end of the 19th century. His mark is highlighted by his role as a founding member of the Sociedade Protectora dos Animais in 1875.This is an institution that still today has a fundamental role in the protection and promotion of the adoption of abandoned animals, as…

July 10, 2019 getLISBON

Today we suggest you visit the urban art of Bairro Padre Cruz, the biggest social housing neighbourhood of the Iberian Peninsula.Since 2009 that Lisbon has developed a strategy to promote urban art and to simultaneously preserve the heritage and prevent vandalism. This is of the responsibility of GAU – Urban Art Gallery of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the City Council.In the last years, Lisbon has become one of the world capitals of this art form. It is one of the most sought cities by artists from all over the world that leave us countless and recognised works of…

June 26, 2019 getLISBON

Since February 27, 2019 that Lisbon has one more museum of great sociological and patrimonial interest, the Milk Station Museum, whose collection is not only rare in Portugal, but also in Europe.In Santa Apolónia, it is located in the old facilities of the first milk station of the country, destined to help needy mothers and children in the zone of Alfama.After it was established, three others followed in Lisbon. In total, around 16.000 children were nursed.Today we’re telling you this story and inviting you to get to know this curious museum and the project that originated it. The Harsh Social…