Discovering the Uniqueness of Lisbon’s Heritage

Discovering and promoting the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon is our proposal. The traditional itineraries elect the best, the monumental, and the touristic. However, we suggest you to observe what is close to you, that goes unnoticed at first glance, and that will enrich your experience.

Portuguese tilework

Have you visited the Basilica of Estrela? Excellent choice but…did you notice that one of the paintings on the side altars differs in quality? Why’s that? And when you left did you notice the Calçada Portuguesa (traditional Portuguese pavement) on the sidewalk that surrounds the garden? We bet not!

It’s these and other unique curiosities that we want to draw your attention to. The monuments contain secrets, stories, and unusual details. Around you, there are 1001 reasons to remain attentive and dazzled.

We’ve developed this work, dedicating it to the most interested national or foreign tourists, and also to the inhabitants of the city of Lisbon, often unaware of the hidden treasures around them.

getLISBON believes that guiding the most curious eyes is a way to value our heritage and our beautiful city.

July 15, 2020 getLISBON

Did you know that Lisbon has poetry on garden benches? Indeed, this urban equipment is not only meant for resting moments, but also to be read.They might’ve gone unnoticed by you, seeing that they’re not particularly good looking.However, what makes them special are the inscripted poems inspired by the sea, the Tagus river and Lisbon, written by consecrated personalities of Portuguese literature.This initiative was started by the Paço D’Arcos Foundation that gifted these benches to the city of Lisbon in different times. Paço d’Arcos Foundation Paço D’Arcos Foundation emerged from the mind of the son of Henrique Belford Correia da…

July 8, 2020 getLISBON

These 5 discreet viewpoints of Lisbon aren’t among the most well-known of the city of the seven hills, but they offer different and unpredictable perspectives that only a few know.The emblematic views from São Jorge Castle or from the viewpoints of Portas do Sol, São Pedro de Alcântara or of Senhora do Monte are unmatchable. They’re undoubtedly a must for those visiting and looking for the best spots to admire our typical buildings, the river and the light of Lisbon.But there are other more discreet ones that also deserve to be visited. The 5 Selected Discreet Viewpoints of Lisbon The…

July 1, 2020 getLISBON

If you think the Fado Museum is an old space where only distant memories are kept, you’re very wrong! Accept our challenge to get to know a dynamic museum, where history is exalted and where every day the universe of Fado and the Portuguese guitar are experienced and celebrated.We suggest you (re)read our article Fado, a Sonority of Lisbon, where you can get a grasp of our idea about this anthem of the emotions of the Portuguese and the locals of Lisbon. Fado Museum The Museum provides audio guides to listen to fado of yesterday and today Open to the…

June 24, 2020 getLISBON

Príncipe Real Garden, in a romantic style with exotic plant species and small eclectic palaces around it, is one of the most beautiful quarter gardens.The zone of Príncipe Real is situated between Amoreiras and Cais do Sodré and is considered one of the most cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of the city.Famous or gourmet restaurants, cafés and shops with history or with alternative concepts, along with the proximity to Bairro Alto are more than enough reasons to visit this area.But we’ll give you many other motives, such as two pieces of old urban equipment, in which one no longer exists. Brief Historical Background…

June 17, 2020 getLISBON

Have you noticed that there are several typologies of toponymic plaques in Lisbon? Did you know that they have stories and curious facts to tell? Let’s find out!There’s no doubt that toponymy, the etymological and historic study of the origins of place names, is a very interesting field that reveals to us precious and surprising information about places and localities.But in this article we won’t cover toponyms but rather their display, true records that carry interesting aspects of the history of a city. Also read about the Unique Toponymic Plaques of Lisbon. The Evolution of Typologies of Toponymic Plaques of…