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3 Shops with History and Tradition, Environment-friendly!

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Wondering what shops with history and tradition we’re talking about? And why they’re environment-friendly? We’ll tell you in this small, but useful article.

It was over 20 years ago that Portugal started recycling glass, plastic and paper. Today, many other types of waste can be recycled and the population is more conscientious about the importance of recycling. According to the 2018 data of the Sociedade Ponto Verde, seven out of ten Portuguese households already sort their waste.

The same organisation reveals that despite these positive results, there still exists a considerable potential growth when it comes to the adoption of the habit of waste sorting, both at home and out on the street.

This information reminded us that… in addition to recycling, reducing the amount of waste we produce ISN’T ANY LESS IMPORTANT!

The large-scale production of objects of low commercial value allowed our attitude of buying-consuming-discarding.

The speed with which the objects are discarded isn’t proportional to its recycling, drastically increasing the waste production!

Have you ever thought that there are garments that are recoverable before we choose to dispose them in the clothing donation bins?

And that there are items to which we can extend its lifespan?

Can even our children’s toys be repaired rather than deposited in the dustbin?

Get to know Lisbon’s historic neighbourhoods in a guided tour and discover unmissable places of this magnificent city.

The 3 Shops with History and Tradition

Perhaps we can go back to the time when we’d go to the cobbler, seamstress or to the houses where we had certain leather goods repaired.

We take advantage of the global concern with the environmental preservation to present to our readers 3 shops with history and tradition in Lisbon that help us preserve the environment.

They are the Hospital de Bonecas, the Casa Forra and the Hospital das Camisas! They are spaces very closely located to each other, in the heart of downtown Lisbon.

The first two shops are shops distinguished by the Projecto Lojas com História (Project Lisbon Historic Shops), promoted by the City Council of Lisbon that aims to preserve and protect the establishments of traditional commerce, its material, historical and cultural heritage.

We start with the oldest of the 3 shops with history and tradition:

Hospital de Bonecas (The Doll Hospital)

Shops with history and tradition: Components for dolls repair in the Dolls Hospital
Components for dolls repair

Miss Carlota would make rag dolls while she waited for the customers of her herbal shop that was right next to the now extinct Praça da Figueira Market. She then started fixing the broken dolls that children would take to her when they went to the market with their parents. The Hospital de Bonecas was thus born, functioning since 1830.

Today, in addition to “curing” ill dolls, the Hospital de Bonecas is an authentic space of many kinds of crafts.

Not only dolls are repaired, but also soft toys, mechanical toys, porcelain, paintings and even religious art.

It makes and creates all types of clothes for dolls and images and more. It is also possible to order Carnival costumes and traditional Portuguese costumes for children.

On the ground floor is the shop where you can purchase all the pieces to complete your dream miniature house. They even have replicas of tin toys and old games.

And on the first floor of the building is the magical Museum with an immense collection of dolls and toys from various eras and origins.

This surprising space deserves a more attentive and prolonged visit.

Address: Praça da Figueira, 7, Lisboa

Casa Forra

Casa Forra
Casa Forra in Poço Borratém

The Casa Forra was founded in 1930 by Alfredo Pires Forra and his wife Judite and is situated in Poço do Borratém since 1947. It is a house specialized in items for shoemakers and cobblers where you can find everything necessary to the practice of this craft.

After all these years, the emblematic shape of a giant yellow shoe remains hanging, being placed and removed daily as if it were a ritual.

Nowadays, the customers of this establishment are quite diversified: the usual shoemakers/cobblers, but also artisans or any of us, moderately skilled, that with creativity dare to renew, reuse, and recycle.

Here you can find the most amazing materials for your ideas. There are paints, greases and glues, rubber and leather, push-buttons and shoe machines among a countless amount of items.

In addition to selling materials in stores and online, Casa Forra repairs and alters leather garments as well as bags, among other items.

But the most valuable thing here is the advice that the workers of this house give us, with professionalism and attention.

Address: Poço do Borratém 32, Lisboa | Rua Saraiva de Carvalho 145 D, Lisboa

Hospital das Camisas

Mr. José Aguiar, the owner of the Hospital das Camisas (Hospital of the Shirts)

The name of this establishment (directly translated to Hospital of the Shirts) reveals to us its activity.

This is a family business that has been active for around 70 years in a small but equipped atelier. The customer is served with sympathy and dedication by the current owner Mr. José Aguiar that offers his wise pieces of advice of more than 50 years of experience in this craft.

Here you can renew your shirts by substituting the collars and cuffs to extend their lifespan. Or you can simply give them a new style, opting for collars and cuffs different to the original ones. And you’re wrong if you think this service is expensive!

The Hospital das Camisas also alters and repairs clothes and produce men’s shirts, Rovil. They have a range of fabrics to choose from, but the customer is equally welcome with fabrics from other establishments.

Its curious name was suggested by one of the customers and humorously adopted by its owner. And speaking of clients, here have been famous personalities like the journalist Fernando Pessa, the presenter Artur Agostinho or even the President of the Portuguese Republic Marechal Costa Gomes.

Address: Poço do Borratém 25, Lisboa

After reading our post you remembered that you have a few clothing pieces, leather goods or even that old toy that you can’t get rid of, but that isn’t in its best shape anymore.

Great, these 3 shops with history and tradition that we’ve just presented you can surely help.

We’d also like to add that there’s a cobbler between the Casa Forra and the Hospital das Camisas. 😉

Renewing and reusing to reduce waste, contributing to a better environment!


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