5 Geladarias Clássicas das Avenidas Novas

5 Classic Ice Cream Shops in Avenidas Novas

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NOTE: In the original publication of this article in July 2018, we highlighted 5 successful classic ice cream shops in Avenidas Novas. However, unfortunately, Gelataria Pindô did not withstand various challenges and closed its doors in October of last year. The significant historical importance of this commercial space will be documented in this article for future reference.

Updated in August 2023

The heat is here! Refresh yourself with the delicious ice creams from the 5 Classic Ice Cream Shops in Avenidas Novas.

The historic centre of Lisbon is full of modern ice cream shops, of national and foreign brands. They serve ice creams in which the variety of flavours, shapes and concepts surpasses the limits of the imagination.

Get to know Lisbon’s historic neighbourhoods in a guided tour and discover unmissable places of this magnificent city.

But we’re not telling you about the flavours and shapes, nor about the ice cream shops of the touristic areas of Lisbon. We’ve thought of a different approach.

Did you know that ice cream shops were in vogue in the 1970’s and 1980’s and there were many of them in the new neighbourhoods of Lisbon?

We’ve chosen for you the 5 classic ice cream shops in Avenidas Novas.

A Veneziana ice cream shop
A Veneziana ice cream shop

However, we don’t want to miss mentioning the classic ice cream shop in the heart of Downtown Lisbon, A Veneziana.

Simply because its ice creams are not only delicious, but also the oldest of Lisbon. Since 1936 that A Veneziana occupies the no.8 in Restauradores Square.

Sorbets and Ice Creams

Ice cream shop

We won’t be rambling about who invented or how this delicious temptation reached Europe. For some it was brought in the 13th century by Marco Polo from China where snow was mixed with fruits and honey. Others defend that its introduction was made by the Arabs from the Middle East. Since the 12th century that they consumed a drink made of fruit, spices and snow from the Himalayas, the sharbat or sberbeth that derived the word sorbet.

Either way, they’re both the combination of fruits and snow, having milk been added in the recipe later on in Europe, the ice cream. The truth is that the ice creams were presented as a Florentine specialty in the wedding of Catherine de Medici and Henry II of France in the 16th century.

Learn more in our article The Story of Neve and the Royal Factory of Ice.

The artisanal ice cream shops in all times and places state that they use Italian recipes as a guarantee of quality or at least use names with an Italian touch which on its own gives them a certain charm.

The Consumption of Ice Cream in the 1970’s and 1980’s

Ice cream

If 40 or 50 years ago the ice cream was a treat of the hot weather, and on the beach the sellers preached the varieties “fruit or chocolate”, today the consumption of ice cream has become common during the entire year. Ice cream lovers enjoy them whether it is summer or winter, and the artisanal ice cream shops even sell them for take away, for us to enjoy them while in the comfort of our home.

In the 70’s and 80’s the consumption of ice cream in Lisbon was in vogue. In summer, after a stroll in the park or after a cinema session, the families liked enjoying a generous ice cream in a terrace.

The zone of the city that was in vogue the most was Avenidas Novas, particularly, the Avenida de Roma.

It is exactly in this zone that we’ll find the 5 Classic Ice Cream Shops in Avenidas Novas that we’re presenting you.

5 Classic Ice Cream Shops in Avenidas Novas

Gelados Conchanata

The oldest of our list of 5 Classic Ice Cream Shops in Avenidas Novas is the Conchanata that is situated since 1948 in Avenida da Igreja, in Alvalade. Although its original name Gelados Itália was changed, it is still owned by the same family of Italian roots.

All the ice creams are produced by the current owner and according to original recipes of his grandfather. The star of this ice cream shop is the Conchanata, constituted by four ice cream scoops, three of which are of your choice and one which is cream flavoured, everything glazed with a homemade strawberry sauce.

Summer is the season of ice cream but, if by chance, you like eating ice cream independently of the season, know that Conchanata is closed during winter.

Ice cream

Address: Avenida da Igreja, 28 A, Lisboa

Gelataria Pindô

This is a memorable ice cream shop inaugurated in 1976, situated in Avenida das Forças Armadas in Entrecampos. This ice cream shop retains clients with sympathy in their service and with their artisanal ice creams of classic flavours. Those who prefer bolder flavours, elect the ginger ice cream as their favourite.

The variety of ice cream bowls dazzle those who visit this place, particularly the Taça Mangia e Bevi, consisting of ice cream, fruit salad and whipped cream. Dare to try it in the late afternoon and skip dinner!

Ice cream

Address: Avenida das Forças Armadas, 51 D, Lisboa

Geladaria Surf

This is a classic ice cream shop founded in 1978, right when the ice cream shops in Avenidas Novas were in vogue. Located near Praça de Londres, it has a spacious terrace so that their clients can enjoy outdoors the 50 or so flavours that are available.

From the classic fruit flavours to the ones of different types of nuts, but the one that is considered to be the most original is the flavour of Kinder Egg. The ice cream bowls served with flavours of your choice, whipped cream and sauce are the most appealing, not to mention the crepes and waffles that are specialties of the house.

Ice cream

Address: Avenida Manuel da Maia, 56 C-D, Lisboa

Casa do Gelado

It opened in 1981 in the so fashionable artery of the zone of Avenidas Novas, the Avenida de Roma. It is known for its crepes and for the famous cassata. There aren’t just traditional flavours of ice cream. Here you can taste more exotic fruits, such as the physalis and the kumquat, and even flavours that remind us of traditional Portuguese desserts.

It has a pleasant and well decorated terrace where you can take your time to taste these delicious artisanal ice creams made of high quality ingredients.

Ice cream

Address: Avenida de Roma, 28 H/I, Lisboa

La Fabbrica – Antiga fábrica de gelados da Avenida de Berna

This ice cream shop is located in Rua de Dona Filipa de Vilhena, next to Arco do Cego Garden.

Although it was inaugurated in 2014, this new brand originated from the same factory, which operated in Avenida Berna between 1940 and 1993, as the ice cream shop A Veneziana.

The current owner of La Fabbrica maintains the family memory of the old factory where he learned the art of making ice cream and keeps the Italian recipes brought by his family to Portugal alive.

Try one of their specialties, the spaghetti, consisting of whipped cream, pressed vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup and smashed meringue.

Spaghetti ice cream

Address: Rua de Dona Filipa de Vilhena, 14 A/B, Lisboa


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