Discovering the Uniqueness of Lisbon’s Heritage

Discovering and promoting the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon is our proposal. The traditional itineraries elect the best, the monumental, and the touristic. However, we suggest you to observe what is close to you, that goes unnoticed at first glance, and that will enrich your experience.

Portuguese tilework

Have you visited the Basilica of Estrela? Excellent choice but…did you notice that one of the paintings on the side altars differs in quality? Why’s that? And when you left did you notice the Calçada Portuguesa (traditional Portuguese pavement) on the sidewalk that surrounds the garden? We bet not!

It’s these and other unique curiosities that we want to draw your attention to. The monuments contain secrets, stories, and unusual details. Around you, there are 1001 reasons to remain attentive and dazzled.

We’ve developed this work, dedicating it to the most interested national or foreign tourists, and also to the inhabitants of the city of Lisbon, often unaware of the hidden treasures around them.

getLISBON believes that guiding the most curious eyes is a way to value our heritage and our beautiful city.

February 7, 2018 getLISBON

To mark the launch of this project, we decided to sketch a portrait of Lisbon through images. We aim to show our readers the so dynamic, unique and cheerful as well as traditional, diverse and nostalgic Lisbon. The result was Lisbon in Time Lapse by getLISBON. Recently, Lisbon has been in vogue, has received countless prizes and is a destination referenced by the most prestigious newspapers and magazines and by international organisations linked to tourism. The city is being cherished by tourists from all over the world. It is known for its pleasant weather, tasty gastronomy, endless points of cultural…