Lisbon in Us by Guilherme Blasco

In Lisbon in Us by Guilherme Blasco we’ll get to know a young architect passionate about the city where he was born and raised in.

This week in Lisbon in Us by Guilherme Blasco we’ll get to know a young architect passionate about the city where he was born and raised in. The Lisbon he tells us about is particularly visual. He tells us what he observes and registers in his photos, the colours, the contrasts of light and shade, the textures…

Hello there!

Lisbon has been present in me since I was born. I grew up either at my maternal grandparents’ house in Alvalade or at my paternal grandparents’ house in Benfica. My days were spent in the car with my grandfather travelling home from school in Campo de Ourique, family lunches in Alcântara, meetings with friends in Alameda or Baixa, bike rides from Belém to Parque das Nações, until studying architecture in Ajuda.

My passion for this city grew together with another passion I have: photography, which commenced very early in my life.

Since then, my eyes have started a journey of discovery of Lisbon, and that journey is still going on and I don’t think it will ever end.

Exploring the city while I take photos is something I love to do, to discover its colourful streets, its architecture and the views from the viewpoints overlooking the city and the Tagus River.

I like to observe and register its vibrant colours, from the pastel-painted houses in Alfama and Avenidas Novas to the colourful tiles of Baixa, Chiado and Ajuda. To photograph the contrasts between the blue sky, the trams and the orange tinted roofs, the gardens, the jacarandas painting the avenues, the difference between the light that enters the streets and the shadows that surround them while we inhabit them. We too have contrasts, light and shadows.

People also build the atmosphere of Lisbon, from friendly locals to curious tourists, they all contribute to the multiculturalism that represents this city and create moments that I like to observe and sometimes record in my photos. The elderly playing cards in Garden of Parada, the weekend markets in Dom Luís Garden or Fonte Nova Square, the chestnut roasters in the autumn that paint the air of our streets, the fishmongers of Benfica market or the June folk dances with a taste of grilled sardines are some of them.

My passion for photography and travelling gave rise to what is now called Focus Photography, where the city, the colours, the architecture, the light, the shadows, the textures and the nature are the main motif of the project. Lisbon is also a protagonist, it is part of my everyday life, and I will remain around to continue discovering it. It’s a journey that I don’t want to end.

Lisbon in Us by Guilherme Blasco
Mini introductionYoung architect with a passion for photography, travel and discovering new places and cultures.
I work as an architect dividing my time between developing my own architecture studio with a friend and colleague from college and my photography and travels.
You can follow the architecture studio on Instagram as well as the project Focus Photography on my website and Instagram.
Some of my photos are available for sale in paper format on the website and in metal format on the Displate platform.
An inspiring placeGulbenkian Garden
An unmissable visitVisit the S. Jorge Castle at the end of the day and see Lisbon before us at sunset.
His mouth waters with…Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato (clams with garlic and coriander sauce), snails with an imperial (draft beer), all kinds of fish.
A song…Outro by M83

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