Em Lisboa em Nós de Jochen Weber este apaixonado por café conta-nos como está a concretizar o seu negócio de sonho nesta cidade.

Lisbon in Us by Jochen Weber

We introduce to you a German who owns a coffee roaster in Lisbon! Surprised? In Lisbon in Us by Jochen Weber, this coffee enthusiast shares a bit of his journey and how he is realising his dream business in this city, which is also a lover of the intense and aromatic flavours of beans from different and distant origins.

People often ask me where my passion for coffee comes from. I can’t pinpoint it exactly because even in my youth, I loved to travel and enjoyed ordering un caffè in Rome or uma bica in Lisbon. After spending some months on a coffee farm in Brazil with my friend Paulo, this world lured me, and I couldn’t let go.

Paulo was a passionate coffee farmer who not only inspired me to study coffee production intensively and create content but also to continue delving into the topic. I took a classification and tasting course in São Paulo, a professional barista course in Rome, and various roasting courses in Germany and later here in Lisbon at the recommended Academia do Café. Finally, I also published a book ‘A Visit to the Café,’ which in 2016 was honoured in Germany with the Gourmand Award for the ‘Best Coffee Book.’

But I didn’t just want to deal with theory; I increasingly developed the desire to open my own roaster, preferably with an attached store and café. What inspired me the most was a small establishment in a neighbourhood in south Mumbai that my wife and I frequented during the seven years we lived in India.

When we decided to move, it quickly became clear where the journey should take us: back to Europe, to the international, liveable, and lovely Lisbon, also one of the most interesting coffee cities in the world—and a step closer to my desire!

Portugal’s history as a maritime power for centuries had a global influence on the relatively small capital, making it one of the things that makes it so unique, along with its inhabitants. The cafés here offer very good coffees from distant former colonies such as São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola, or East Timor.

The long tradition of coffee in Lisbon dates back to the 18th century when the first establishments were opened, such as Martinho da Arcada (1782), inaugurated by the Marquis of Pombal, or Café Nicola around 1887, which saw other businesses in its space before returning to being a café with the same name in 1929. In 1905, A Brasileira was inaugurated, becoming one of the most popular cafés and a meeting place for many artists and writers.

For me, Lisbon is a very captivating city—neither too small nor too large, with a beautiful location, historically developed, and conscious of traditions, yet also modern, culturally active, and lively. It’s very green, with many beautiful squares, indicating the city’s leaders prioritise public spaces. The numerous inviting street cafes, with hospitable people who enjoy socialising, create a wonderful southern touch. It’s a city for pedestrians and, increasingly, for cyclists.

Lisbon also offers many opportunities for taking beautiful photographs: the old city with its narrow streets and characteristic trams, houses adorned with tiled façades, charming views from various viewpoints and squares, the majestic views that characterise the centre, and the vibrant street life. But what makes Lisbon so special is the beautiful soft and warm light, especially in the morning and afternoon, in pastel tones! All of this, to me, constitutes a unique lifestyle.

In recent years, immigrants from around the world have added an incredible cosmopolitan touch to the city, which I greatly appreciate. Legislation facilitates the opening of small businesses, and the population’s love for coffee and the growing awareness of its quality contribute positively to my business.

When we were about to launch, the pandemic forced us to change our plans. Thus, we didn’t open a physical store; we started only with roasting and selling online. When it became possible, we began to participate in various fairs, and it continues to be the case today. We are regularly present on Sundays at LX Factory, where customers can not only taste a selection of our long-roasted coffees from various origins but also choose from different preparation methods.

One of our products, Café de Lisboa, features the label of the wonderful illustrator Hauke Vagt, who, for over 20 years, has lovingly depicted the streets, life, and people of the Portuguese capital.

We are delighted that Café Aroma can contribute to the rich coffee culture in Lisbon!

Lisbon in Us by Jochen Weber
Mini introductionI am originally from Stuttgart, Germany. My professional development took me through the world of books in the publishing industry, then through writing and photography to my current business, a specialty coffee roastery in Lisbon: Café Aroma – Lisbon Coffee Roasters. My curiosity and open-mindedness have led me to live and work in different countries: Germany, Italy, Ecuador, Brazil, India, and now Portugal.
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