Discovering the Uniqueness of Lisbon’s Heritage

Discovering and promoting the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon is our proposal. The traditional itineraries elect the best, the monumental, and the touristic. However, we suggest you to observe what is close to you, that goes unnoticed at first glance, and that will enrich your experience.

Portuguese tilework

Have you visited the Basilica of Estrela? Excellent choice but…did you notice that one of the paintings on the side altars differs in quality? Why’s that? And when you left did you notice the Calçada Portuguesa (traditional Portuguese pavement) on the sidewalk that surrounds the garden? We bet not!

It’s these and other unique curiosities that we want to draw your attention to. The monuments contain secrets, stories, and unusual details. Around you, there are 1001 reasons to remain attentive and dazzled.

We’ve developed this work, dedicating it to the most interested national or foreign tourists, and also to the inhabitants of the city of Lisbon, often unaware of the hidden treasures around them.

getLISBON believes that guiding the most curious eyes is a way to value our heritage and our beautiful city.

January 23, 2019 getLISBON

Today we’re exploring 5 portals between Alfama and Mouraria that will impress you. While some are more mysterious, others have curious stories to tell.Come discover them in this tour around the heart of Lisbon! The 5 Portals between Alfama and Mouraria Head to Alfama, more specifically to the Chafariz de Dentro Square, and begin the route by going up the Rua dos Remédios.Your attention will immediately be caught by the magnificent Manueline portal of the Senhora dos Remédios Church, former Espírito Santo Church, but it’s not this one we’re telling you about today. Why not? Because it is still located…

December 19, 2018 getLISBON

The Nativity Scene of the Estrela Basilica is one of the most spectacular amongst the many baroque nativity scenes that exist in Lisbon. It was ordered by Queen Maria I to the sculptor Machado de Castro. The complex of the Estrela Basilica and of the Convent of the Nuns of Carmelites is situated in Estrela and is one of the most well-known religious temples of the late 18th century of the city of Lisbon. Queen Maria I promised she would order built a church if she were to get pregnant. Thus, between 1779 and 1790 this monumental building, the first…

December 5, 2018 getLISBON

Right outside of Alfama neighbourhood, installed in the Azurara Palace, we can find the Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts. It’s a fascinating space marked by the relevance of its assets, by its quality and its mission’s importance. It’s a place where the knowledge of the traditional techniques and the attention to detail make us enter a new dimension where time passes slowly. Collection of Ricardo do Espírito Santo e Silva Tapestry “Cortejo com Girafas” (parade with giraffes) of the Tounai Atelier, around 1510 The Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts was opened to the public in 1953, assembling part of the…

November 28, 2018 getLISBON

Today we bring you the Church of Conceição Velha, one of the most curious churches of Downtown Lisbon. It is located in Rua da Alfândega, next to Praça do Comércio and its history has several particularities. The most evident one is the fact that the building still displays an old gate from the 16th century that survived the earthquake of 1755 and that clearly differs from the discreet façades of the Pombaline Downtown. The second particularity is that its story is associated to singular feminine figures. Since its edification in the beginning of the 16th century to its reconstruction in…

November 14, 2018 getLISBON

The rare exemplars of Italian mosaic in the streets of Lisbon can be considered a hidden treasure in plain sight. The mosaics that we’re talking about today date back to late 1800s, beginning of the 1900s. They result from an eclectic revivalist taste characteristic of the romantic movement of this period. Other mosaics of identical quality can probably be appreciated inside mansions, but the ones we’ve found in public spaces are the ones we want to reveal to you. Brief Approach to Artistic Mosaics Mosaics are decorative coatings of movable and fixed surfaces used indoors or outdoors, composed by small…