Discovering the Uniqueness of Lisbon’s Heritage

Discovering and promoting the most peculiar aspects of Lisbon is our proposal. The traditional itineraries elect the best, the monumental, and the touristic. However, we suggest you to observe what is close to you, that goes unnoticed at first glance, and that will enrich your experience.

Portuguese tilework

Have you visited the Basilica of Estrela? Excellent choice but…did you notice that one of the paintings on the side altars differs in quality? Why’s that? And when you left did you notice the Calçada Portuguesa (traditional Portuguese limestone pavement) on the sidewalk that surrounds the garden? We bet not!

It’s these and other unique curiosities that we want to draw your attention to. The monuments contain secrets, stories, and unusual details. Around you, there are 1001 reasons to remain attentive and dazzled.

We’ve developed this work, dedicating it to the most interested national or foreign tourists, and also to the inhabitants of the city of Lisbon, often unaware of the hidden treasures around them.

getLISBON believes that guiding the most curious eyes is a way to value our heritage and our beautiful city.

October 10, 2018 getLISBON

Conquering the hills was one of the problems of accessibility in Lisbon in the 19th century. The lifts and funiculars of Lisbon solved this problem and the ones that still exist today are classified since 2002 as National Monuments. Lisbon’s relief is characterised by hills separated by valleys where once streams flowed in direction to the Tagus River. This characteristic is so accentuated that Lisbon is known as city of the Seven Hills. With time, the city conquered space from the streams, but if we observe in detail we can see their marks. You might even be surprised if we…

October 3, 2018 getLISBON

Have you ever thought of visiting historic cemeteries? Eerie places is most probably the first thought that comes into your head when we mention cemeteries. Spaces that generally remind us of pain, suffering and death. But these spaces, the older ones in particular, have a lot to offer. Here, stories are told, illustrious personalities are evoked, magnificent pieces of architecture and sculpture are contemplated and we can even find real symbol interpretation puzzles. For the most various reasons, thousands of people all over the world visit cemeteries as unmissable touristic places. The Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris, the Merry Cemetery in…

September 26, 2018 getLISBON

In this post you will find the origins of the Portuguese Pavement and a brief approach of the first exemplars that appeared in the city of the Seven Hills. This art constitutes one of the most relevant representations of the Portuguese culture. Today, simultaneously with the emblematic tiles, the magnificent decorative motifs of this artistic and functional element of the urban architecture, are present not only in Portugal, but spread all over the world. Whereas the use of the tiles has several centuries of tradition, the pavement as we know it today, emerged much more recently, being for that reason…

September 12, 2018 getLISBON

One of the most beautiful streets of Lisbon takes us to the surprising Torel Garden. It dates back to the 19th century, it is small, discreet and its name is Júlio de Andrade. But who was Júlio de Andrade? Besides naming this street, what is his connection to this artery that is considered to be one of the most beautiful streets of Lisbon? Let’s find out! Júlio de Andrade, a rich banker from the upper bourgeoisie of Lisbon, left his mark both by the aesthetics of the small palaces, and by the implementation of a curious urban equipment that we’ve…

September 5, 2018 getLISBON

In September the party isn’t over in Lisbon, this time in Carnide! Get to know the tradition of the Festivities and the amazing patrimony of the Church of Our Lady of Light. You have a month to enjoy the centenarian fair, to choose the music concert that you like the most and to, without fail, discover the secret that the Church of Our Lady of Light keeps. But first let’s learn a little about the origins of Carnide, the Church and the festivities associated with this place of ancient pilgrimages and miracles. Carnide, a Bread Producer and Place of Miraculous…