Lisbon in Us by Inês Branco

This week, we present you a true princess! In Lisbon in Us by Inês Branco, this young lady reveals to us how the city contributed to the development and realisation of her dream of being a musical theatre actress. Today, she enchants and captivates the imagination of children who attend her performances, where she embodies the princesses from Filipe La Féria’s creations at the historic Politeama Theatre.
Inês continues to dream, and we are sure she will go even further but always carrying Lisbon in her heart.

I was born and have always lived on the outskirts, but I’ve had a special fascination for the city of Lisbon since I can remember.

At around 9 years old, I vividly remember going to dinner with my family on the north bank, and as soon as we crossed the bridge, an extra excitement grew in me for being in the capital. I used to look out the window, observe the people, and dream of the bustling lives they had living in that city full of light and movement. It was a bit like imagining New York and the famous films of women arriving in the city that never sleeps to live the dream of a lifetime, but in our country. The place where everything happens. Where everything is larger and better. Where the main schools for artists, the big theatres, the grand concert halls and cinemas are… where the great actors and directors work.

It was also this thought that led me to the Politeama Theatre and, in a way, confirmed what until then would only be a supposition or even “sailing in imagination.”

I remember perfectly the moment when, sitting in the audience of that beautiful theatre, I saw my first children’s musical, taking home a multitude of new dreams, wishes, and joys.

Stepping onto the country’s largest musical theatre stage at just 17, in such an elegant and captivating venue, not only made me think about the beauty of dreams, but every day I have the pleasure of making others have the same thought through the characters I portray on that stage.

Knowing that today I am the one who has the power to make children dream, taking home the happiness that once conquered me too, is an added responsibility but also a great honour that fills my soul as an artist.

After so many years, my perspective of Lisbon has changed, but it has remained equally beautiful. I can appreciate the various colours the city has during different times of the day, and whenever I can, I try to do so from one of the many viewpoints and rooftops it offers. I have the feeling that I’ve already visited quite a few interesting places, but there is still much to explore.

Lisbon seems to have accompanied my growth and adapted to the various phases of my life. The bachelor’s degree at the Autónoma University, the visits to the Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional (national school of music), the discovery of fado houses, the first time at the Popular Saints’ festivals in Lisbon neighbourhoods… I keep all these memories, along with those of the people I met by following this path.

Despite the constant construction works and, at times, hearing more languages from other countries than the Portuguese language itself, I feel that the city still remains very Portuguese, with its unique Portuguese pavement, colourful buildings, tall doors, and small balconies where I have always wanted to live.

I know that my dreams and ambition can take me to other cities, perhaps even outside the country, but Lisbon is already part of my story and will always be my second home.

Lisbon in Us by Inês Branco
Mini introductionA young actress and musical theatre singer who began her journey in the artistic world at the age of 12 at the Almadense Academy. She made her professional debut at the age of 17, starring at the Politeama Theatre in Filipe La Féria’s play, ‘The Little Mermaid.’
She holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the Autónoma University of Lisbon and completed the intensive musical theatre course at the prestigious Arts Educational School in London.
She has performed in various national venues and stages, such as the Oceanos Auditorium at the Estoril Casino, where she played the character Juliet in the musical ‘Romeo and Juliet – From Hatred to Love.’
In 2022, she ventured into a different format by being part of the cast of the revue ‘Uma noite no Parque Mayer,’ broadcasted on RTP 1, showcasing her versatility by singing fado and popular songs.
At the Politeama Theatre, she is known for being the princess in Filipe La Féria’s youth plays: Ariel (‘The Little Mermaid’), Princess Jasmine (‘Aladdin – The Ingenious Musical’), Rapunzel (‘Rapunzel – The Musical’), Cinderella (‘Cinderella – The Musical of Your Dreams’), and more recently, Aurora (‘Sleeping Beauty’).
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